Preview your incident reporting form in TPSC Cloud™

Get a digital version of your paper-based reporting form

It's free and without any obligation!

Day in day out we do (online) demonstrations to show people our online Quality & Risk Management platform, TPSC Cloud™. It seems that people are mostly concerned with how their reporting forms will look like in a new, automated platform. 

Lots of questions arise, like: 

  • Do we have to use standard forms?
  • Can we continue to use the terminology we are used to in our organization/industry?
  • Is it possible to adjust the lay out of the form to our corporate identity?
  • etc.

We understand it is difficult to imagine that our online reporting forms can be configured EX-ACT-LY how you want them to be. That's why we offer you the possibility to preview your current (paper-based) form within TPSC Cloud™. 

How does it work? 

  1. Upload your current incident reporting form
  2. One of our sales consultants will contact you to walk through the form
  3. Our technical consultants will configure your form in our platform
  4. The sales consultant will schedule a live, online demonstration to show you your digital version of your form as part of our incident management solution.

Get rid of your paper work, put an end to dazzling excel sheets and stop wasting valuable time on generating your reports. Experience the convenience of an advanced online Quality & Risk management platform!

Online incident reporting form

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