E-book: Incident Management - In search of continuous healthcare improvement

Incident Management

In search of continuous healthcare improvement

Over the last 10 years, more attention has been paid to embedding safety throughout the health system. The digitalisation of reporting, registering and analysing incidents has positively contributed to the way in which safety is organized.

Regrettably, however, healthcare institutions seem to ignore important opportunities in the field of cyclical analysis that would promote continuous improvement in healthcare systems, despite the available options to do so.

This e-book describes:

  • How to make the switch from registration to optimisation;
  • The different tools you can use to realize this;
  • How weaknesses in existing processes are discovered;
  • How you can optimize healthcare processes and share lessons learned;
  • The role of the departmental supervisor and quality manager;
  • A case study of an endoscopy department;
  • How The Patient Safety Company can assist you.

Incident Management ebook

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